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Reiki, Soul, Energy & Distant Healing

Karyn is an International Spiritual Psychic Medium, Soul & Energy Healer.


A natural Psychic Medium &  Healer, Karyn has always been very sensitive to energy vibrations, spirit & psychic vibrations since birth. Through the years Karyn developed her psychic mediumship with the guidance of her own spiritual guides.


Karyn uses a method called "Psychometry" to connect with your energy vibration, spirit guides and ancestors.


Karyn was guided to further enhance her natural healing abilities and trained in South Africa as an advanced Reiki Practitioner in 1998. In 2005 she became a Reiki Master Teacher in the UK and continues to work with healing energies along side her psychic work.


.Karyn's works with sacredness, working in sacred space, connecting with spirit for the healing benefit and soul progression of others.


"The readings tend to be at a deeper level offering guidance from spirit to help understand the problems at hand, offering options so that each person can then choose how they would like to interact with their own destiny, although future insight may be provided"


You may not only walk away with a clearer way forward, you may walk way from the readings feeling healing, comfort, upliftment, and more connected with loved ones over the "rainbow bridge".


Karyn's readings provide insights, direction, healing, comfort, peace, spiritual guidance, encouragement, love, truth and blessings from deceased loved ones, Angels and Spirit Guides.


Karyn helps spirits who have not been able to reconnect to the light, who have been earth bound for hundreds of years, or lost to heal and return home.


She clears ancestral, past lives and soul blockages. Her readings provide insight into the soul's progression in this life time,  insights into present and past blockages, past life and ancestral influences and so much more.


Karyn works with the Aura, Chakras as well as mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and energetic levels. She is also known to work with ancestral healing, spiritual cord cuttings, energy clearing, past life & energy healing.


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In accordance with UK Law I must state that reading/healing/energy clearing readings are for entertainment purposes only. No guarantee can be given on their accuracy. Readings given are applicable at that moment in time only. What you do once you leave the reading/appointment may alter the results.


All readings are for information purposes only and should not be substituted for Professional Medical, Legal or Financial Advice.  A doctor or health care provider should be consulted for any medical conditions.


Please make Karyn Segers aware of any medication being taken currently, this includes illegal substances as this could affect your healing. The reader, hereby known as Karyn Segers does not answer specific:-


•Health Questions

•Finance Questions

•Fertility Questions

•Legal Questions


You are personally responsible for your own life and the choices you make are yours and no one else. Karyn Segers will no be held responsible or liable for any actions taken after a reading/healing, you have free will and therefore you are personally responsible for any decisions and actions you may take. Please be aware that if you withhold important information from Karyn Segers that may directly affect your healing/reading you will be held accountable. Karyn Segers will not knowingly give readings to any person / persons considered ‘vulnerable’ or likely to be impressionable.  Children under the age of 18 can have readings with parents’ consent.