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Reiki, Soul, Energy & Distant Healing


Reiki, Soul, Energy & Distant Healing







•Aid positive thinking and can help restore your natural state of being

•Balance the energies in the body

•Boost energy levels

•Encourages healing spiritually, mentally, emotionally & physically

•Enhance personal awareness

•Emotional and Mental relief

•Help treat the cause of illnesses

•Pain relief

•Raise spirits

•Release blocked and suppressed feelings

•Release blockages causing disharmony and dis-ease

•Relaxation and stress reduction



£40 for 1hr session

£45 for 1 hr session - Home Visit

£25 for a ½hr session

Reiki for children is £20 for ½hr


Call/text or whatsapp Karyn on 07464 617 315




Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page prior to making a booking. All non-attendance or cancelled sessions prior to 48hrs notice will be charged the full rate.




Distant Healing 1 hr treatment with report - £60










Call/text or whatsapp Karyn on 07464 617 315




Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page prior to making a booking. All non-attendance or cancelled sessions prior to 48hrs notice will be charged the full rate.




Soul Healing (remote includes Cord Cutting & Energy Clearing) with report - 1.5 Hours - £85










Call/text or whatsapp Karyn on 07464 617 315




Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page prior to making a booking. All non-attendance or cancelled sessions prior to 48hrs notice will be charged the full rate.

Reiki (pronounced "ray key”) is a gentle form of natural energy healing. Reiki is an ancient eastern, form of hands–on healing, where by the practitioner channels life force energy (“Divine Love") towards the recipient.


Reiki means Universal Life Energy, which exists within all beings, which supports life by helping maintain homeostasis. Energy is known as Ki and when this Ki is diminished through stress, life challenges and traumas, ill health can result. The main aim of Reiki is to bring about balance to mind, body and spirit thus improving well being.


This holistic treatment works on all energy levels and has been known to help soothe, relax, balance and replenish the mind, body and spirit. The recipient can sit or lie down, remains fully clothed and may be covered with a blanket as body temperature can decrease slightly during long period of deep relaxation.






•Body Image

•Cancer fatigue

•Clearing and Balancing Chakra blockages

•Depression or low moods


•End of life

•Effects of Anesthetic

•Effects of long term medication

•Emotional exhaustion

•Grief & Traumas

•Long term pain, e.g. back pain

•Low energy levels


•Mental exhaustion

•Most illnesses


•Sports injuries


•Spiritual healing

•Rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, scoliosis

A Reiki practitioner has been specifically attuned to the healing vibration of this Ki and is able to channel this universal energy from source, passing it through their body & hands to the recipient. It is of the purest form and does not emanate from within the practitioner. The energy will flow into the recipient balancing their energy systems, releasing stress therefore promoting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Most people feel warmth, heat, tingling or mild sensations from the Practitioner's hands. Other sensations may include seeing coloured lights or feeling as if you are floating. Sometimes people have an emotional release, as emotional turmoil is brought to the surface and dissipated. Recipients often report experiencing a very deep sense of relaxation during and following the treatment. There is no need to undress for a Reiki session, although loose clothing and the removal of all jewellery is recommended. No belief is required to receive Reiki healing, but an open mind is necessary.


Reiki is very effective; however it is not a miracle cure. Reiki is a complementary therapy and is used in addition with medical treatment your doctor may recommend. The effects of Reiki treatments build up cumulatively. To experience the full benefit of Reiki it is recommended that you have four to six full healing sessions, once a week or every second week however this can be different for each individual. Reiki generally produces long-term beneficial changes, so you do not need to keep coming back for endless Reiki sessions. However, once you have felt how wonderful it feels, you may want to come back for top ups. There are no contra- indications with Reiki. Reiki is suitable for all people of all ages and with any illness however it is important to always check in with the recipient and gain knowledge of their background prior to offering heal to ensure they are safe at all times.


Please ensure that the therapist giving you reiki is trained and fully certificated to reiki 2 Practitioner level. A reiki I level only enables them to perform reiki on themselves not others and does not allow them to charge for reiki healing. This is in alignment with the codes and ethics of reiki healing.



“Karyn is the most powerful channel for angelic energy that I have ever met.  I can feel the divine energy passing through her hands and directing itself to the Chakra or body position where it is needed.  I see a whole array of colours coming in waves and inducing a deep relaxation. I have been seeing Karyn for regular Reiki and Reflexology treatment.  When I started treatments my energy was very low and I suffered a lot of pain due to muscular skeletal problems and my lungs were so clogged that I had difficulty raising my voice.  Despite constant coughing I could not clear my chest.  Karyn dealt with my issues sensitively and holistically on a mind, body and spirit level.  Reflexology helped to unclog my lungs and the Reiki assisted me with speaking my truth.  I regained my strong singing voice and now enjoy choirs and some solo singing.  My pain management skills have been much enhanced by the combination of Reiki and Reflexology.  Karyn’s spirit and angelic guides have gently enabled me to obtain a clear insight into the sources of my physical and psychological pain.  I have safely been conducted on a deep soul journey into many past lives, some of which were traumatic and on others, allowing retrieval and integration of talents and pleasant experiences.  Karyn has taught me to nurture my inner child and brought reassuring messages from the spirit world.  I highly recommend Karyn as a healer.  She always works from the light.  The wide range of therapies, for which she is trained, enables her to gear the healing to the needs of each individual. The holistic approach is directed as and when each issue surfaces.  I am very grateful to God for sending Karyn to us as she is truly an earth angel, who assists people to raise their vibrations and find access to their higher selves.”  Jane (Millom)


“Thank you for your genuine care and compassion during my difficult struggle with cancer, I really appreciate all that you have done for me. You are a special person with much love in your heart. More people need to meet you. Thank you for spending time with me at St Mary’s Hospice, in my final days. Bless you Karyn” L. Jones


“With many thanks for all the wonderful Reiki healing. I have really felt the benefit of it. Keep up the good work.” Kathryn


“Thank you so much for your kindness and care shown to Derek and myself. We both very much appreciate it. Best wishes for the future.” Helen


”Feel so much better, Reiki has helped me to realised all that worry.” Diane D


“After the first session of Reiki I had with you I felt so much lighter for some reason and have also been sleeping much better - longer hours, I used to just get 4 hours of sleep before I came to see you. I feel so much more relaxed, like waves of healing moving over me.” T Greenhow


“Your hands are like little hot water bottles. I could feel the warmth around my neck and shoulders and I do feel relief just after one session.” D Williams


“After the second Reiki treatment  felt very relaxed. It was strange as I felt like I had drifted off but was aware of what you were doing at the same time.” B Wilson


“Reiki is very relaxing and has helped me let go of things from the past, which I had forgotten about.” M Woods


“I do feel so much better for having Reiki with you, it has helped me to refocus in my life after having been through chemotherapy.” J Ducie.


“I can feel the heat in my hip and lower back where my pain it and it does help to relive the pain.” N Sloane


“Reiki is helping me to learn to relax and not feel guilty  as I did in the past. I have been telling everyone about what you do” A Connell


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